Jamaican Climate and Soil

When you smoke a cigar, do you ever wonder why tobacco from different countries can taste so different? Why does a Dominican tobacco taste different than a Cuban tobacco? Some of this has to do with the way it is processed, but the bulk of the tobaccos characteristics come from the climate and the soil of where it is grown. This is one of the reasons why Jamaican tobacco is so well liked.

Jamaican Map

Jamaica has two main climate zones, which are broken up by the mountains that run down the middle of the island. On one side, there is a tropical climate, and on the other, there is a semiarid (a climate indicator based on the amount of precipitation per year) zone.

The soil is also quite unique in Jamaica. If you look at the actual geography of the Jamaican island and the surrounding areas, you will notice that they are all actually very old volcanoes that produced islands by continued eruptions thousands of years ago. This unique beginning, along with the submersion of the island thousands of years ago, produced an island made from igneous rock, metamorphic rock and limestone.
But, Jamaica’s beginnings are not the only things that give its soil its rich, fertile qualities. The vegetation that covered the whole island just hundreds of years ago has made Jamaica one of the most fertile landmasses in the Caribbean.

One of the main reasons that Jamaican cigars have gained such notoriety is for the fact that the climate and soil of Jamaica is very similar to that of Cuba – where the world’s best cigars are produced. Since the warm climate and the rich soil is what gives tobacco its characteristics, much like the “terroir” when speaking of wine, Jamaican tobacco shares many similarities with its Cuban counterpart. So, if you are looking for a cigar that has many of the same characteristics of a high quality Cuban cigar, Jamaican cigars are where you should be looking.

Based on Jamaica’s climate and soil, it is clear why so many new cigar aficionados are starting to take notice of the high quality cigars produced with Jamaican tobacco. There is no other country in the world besides Cuba that has the same geographical and topographical characteristics that produce a high quality, smooth tasting tobacco!