Jamaican Rum

If you look at the agricultural crops of Jamaica, you will see one (besides tobacco) that is very prevalent– sugar cane. And, if you know anything about alcohol, you know that wherever there is sugar cane, there is sure to be a whole bevy of rum producers turning this sweet product into an elixir that adults enjoy all over the world.

Jamaican rums are known for their deep rich tastes that have a lot more body than some of their counterparts from Cuba. When you take a sip of a high quality Jamaican rum, the first thing that comes to mind is Molasses.

While there has been a slight decrease in the Jamaican Rum market, there are still two main producers that are known all over the world – Appleton Estate and Myers Rum. You can find smaller, lesser known brands if you look hard enough, but if you go to a liquor store, these two will be the most common.

Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate rum has been produced since 1749. Covering over 11,000 acres, the Appleton Estate creates gold and white rum, but they are best known for their aged rums. If you are ever in Jamaica, you can visit the Appleton rum estate – one of the most popular destinations on the island. You will be able to see how the rum is actually made and can taste it as fresh as it gets!

Myers Rum

Myers Rum has been produced in Jamaica since 1879. They make many different blends of rum, but their most popular is their dark blend, which has a very strong molasses taste. If you are looking for something with a very full body and unique characteristics, you need to try Myers Rum.
If you are looking to try a high quality rum and want something that is a little “stronger” than your standard Cuban rum (or its equivalent) give Jamaican rum a try. It has a very unique taste that can’t be replicated by anyone else!