Main Jamaican Cigar Brands

There are many different brands of cigars that are produced in Jamaica, but not all are world renowned (however – they are not as pricey as Cohiba Behike). Here are some of the most well known Jamaican cigar brands that compete on the world stage…

Santa Cruz

One thing that is unique about Santa Cruz cigars is that their wrapper, their binder and their filler all come from Jamaica. You will find very few cigars on the market that can say the same. Because of this, a Santa Cruz cigar offers a very unique smoking experience. If you are a new cigar smoker, though, you need to be careful – a Santa Cruz offers a very rich, full flavored taste, so if you aren’t used to that, you may be in for a little surprise.


Montalvo cigars are actually hand-rolled in Kingston, Jamaica – this is somewhat of a rarity in itself. The wrappers come from Connecticut, while the binder comes from Mexico and the filler is pure Jamaican tobacco. When you pick up a Montalvo, you will be immediately struck by the construction – you can tell that these were made by a humans hand. (But not in a bad way) The Montalvo smokes beautifully and offers a great experience for anyone!

Pride Of Jamaica

Another rich, full bodied cigar that comes from Jamaica is called “Pride of Jamaica”. It is aptly named because this is one of the best cigars to come off the island. It uses a Connecticut blended wrapper, a Mexican blended binder, and the filler is comprised of Jamaican, Dominican and Mexican tobacco. These combinations offer a flavor that is unique and intense, yet incredibly smooth. They burn evenly and the draw is something an experienced cigar smoker would dream about at night.

Each of the aforementioned three Jamaican cigar brands offers you many different opportunities to experience a high quality smoking experience. Decide what characteristics you are looking for, what price you are willing to pay and the do more research on each brands offerings. You are sure to come up with an unforgettable smoking experience.