Other cigars that use Jamaican tobacco

Even some of the non premium cigar brands that come out of Jamaica still offer a great smoking experience. If you are looking for a cigar that offers a more cost effective, yet enjoyable, experience, have a look at the following brands. This is not a cigar review, a general overview rather.

Guaranteed Jamaica

Guaranteed Jamaica cigars are one of the most cost effective, yet high quality, handmade cigars from the great city of Kingston, Jamaica. Using a Connecticut wrapper, a Mexican binder, and a filler comprised of Jamaican, Dominican and Mexican tobacco, these cigars offer a very mild smoke. You may not get the extremely robust flavor and the even draw you would from another Jamaican brand, but for the price, these cigars can’t be beat. At least keep a few in your humidor to give to your friends that you don’t really like – they won’t know the difference…


If you are looking for high quality flavored cigars, you need to look no further than Harvill cigars. Harvill cigars are handmade in Kingston, Jamaica from Connecticut wrappers, Mexican Binders and a filler comprised from Jamaican, Dominican and Mexican tobacco. You can get Harvill cigars without flavoring, but most people opt for either the rum, vanilla or passion rum flavors. If you are a traditional cigar smoker, you may turn your nose up at a flavored cigar, but you should at least give them a shot once – you may be surprised!

Jamaica Heritage

If you are looking for a relatively mild cigar that even the most green cigar smoker can enjoy, you need to give Jamaica Heritage cigars a try. These handmade masterpieces are wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper with a Mexican binder and use a filler made from a mix of Jamaican, Dominican and Mexican tobacco. As previously mentioned, these cigars are very mild, reasonably priced and would be a great cigar for your non-cigar smoking friends.

You don’t have to pay top dollar to have a great smoking experience. Any of the aforementioned cigar manufacturers offer the budget minded smoker great opportunities for an unforgettable smoking experience!